Are cell phones nowadays durable?

Question: In America, How many phones are broken in one hour on average?

A new report on smartphone damage trends offers some interesting details on how many devices were broken in 2018, The report shared a sad, but fascinating fact:

5,761 smartphones

are broken every hour in America.

How Much It Cost

Insurance provider SquareTrade put out the new report that says US smartphone owners broke over 50 million displays and paid $3.4 billion in repairs.


The most common way consumers damaged their device was drops on the ground. Other common scenarios were smartphones falling out of pockets, being dropped into water, knocking it off a table, and you guessed it, plopping into the toilet.

How's They Deal With

5,761 smartphones are broken every hour in America. With about 50% of consumers underestimating repair costs, 65% opt to just live with a broken display, while another 59% choose to upgrade to a new device rather than pay for a repair.

Phone Failure Rate.

As smartphone usage goes up, the market for used phones and repairs will also inevitably spike up. Among all the consumer gadgets, the upgrade cycle of the smartphone is one of the shortest ever and it's good to know how they hold up over time. The Failure rate is one of the standard to test whether those mobile phone performs we

Andriod phones have higher failure rate than Apple phones

The latest "State of Mobile Device Repair & Security" report issued by data security company Blancco, covers the first quarter of this year. According to the research firm, from January through April, Samsung's phones had the highest failure rate among the manufacturers it tracks at 27.4%. At 22%, the Apple iPhone 6 had the highest malfunction rate among iOS devices, followed by the 16% failure rate for the Apple iPhone 6s. Overall, 15.2% of iOS devices failed during the first quarter of 2018 compared to 18.9% of Android models.

Study shows that Samsung phones had the highest failure rate during Q1 2018

Top 3 Performance Issues Worldwide in 2018
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Percentage of Apple Devices by OS Version

Percentage of Android Devices by OS Version

Top 10 Models by Failure Rate

    iPhone 6 26%
    iPhone 6S 14%
    iPhone 6 Plus 9%
    iPhone 7 Plus 9%
    iPhone 6 Plus 9%
    iPhone 7 8%
    iPhone 5s 6%
    iPhone SE 6%
    iPhone 8 Plus 2%
    iPhone 5 2%


    Xiaomi Redmi 4 9%
    Motorola Moto G (5S) Plus 6%
    Lenovo K8 Note 5%
    HMD Global Nokia 6 4%
    Samsung Galaxy S7 3%
    Samsung Galaxy S8+ 3%
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Active 3%
    Xiaomi Redmi Y1 2%
    Samsung Galaxy S6 2%
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2%


Make a smart choice!!

Besides avoiding artifical mistake, we can make a smart choice on purchasing to lower the chance of you phone getting broken.