Just like other activists who fled Hong Kong, Stephen Wong, from a middle-class family who joined a peaceful protest in 2019 is leaving Hong Kong this year, worrying that he could be arrested because of the National Security Law. Ms Cheung is also leaving the city for the future education of her two children after the Education Bureau issued new guidelines to bring all Hong Kong schools in line with national security law. They are among hundreds of thousands of Hongkongers who could emigrate under the British government's new visa scheme, using their British National Overseas passports.
The Departure
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Fear of National Security Law
Story of Stephen Wong
Photo: Mereen Santirad
Worries for Education
Story of Ms Cheung
Photo: Ms Cheung
British National Overseas Passport
Majority of Hongkongers are using the new British visa scheme for emigration
Photo: Ms Cheung
Coming Home
While many Hongkongers planning to leave the city, there are some people who plan to return. Story of Angus Liu
Photo: Angus Liu


Mereen Santirad is a student journalist who has completed undergraduate degree at Hong Kong Baptist University with Data and Media Communication concentration. She has been working with Associated Press and South China Morning Post while workig on her undergraduate degree.

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